What do you LOVE about your life? What do you LOVE about yourself?

If you can answer ‘EVERYTHING!’ to these questions you probably don’t need anything from this site!

However if you want change, with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness these tools and services offer you the opportunity to

fast track your own development

through a series of personally supported programmes
individually tailored and unique to you

The Power of Change almost certainly offers a very different approach to health and well-being from anything you’ve ever seen before. These services and tools have been uniquely developed over the last 25 years or so, using a mix of dowsing, radionics, kinesiology and question and answer and meditation, combined with a wealth of experience in the fields of personal and spiritual development and a lively interest in the evolution of consciousness and our part in helping that along.

Here you are offered the opportunity to fast track your own development through a series of programmes individually tailored for you, starting from your own point of process. When you are ready you can even learn to do this for yourself!

You can change!

Here’s what’s on offer:

SELF-IMAGES. You’ve never seen mirrors like these! Our relationship with the mirror can be tricky. When was the last time you thought something positive about yourself when you saw your reflection? These ‘Self-Images’ help you to see yourself in a more kindly way, less critically: less of the ‘ooh not another wrinkle!’ or ‘look at my ***!!** hair!’ and more of the ‘well actually, I’m ok, in fact I look great, specially when I smile!’ Take a look at the 12 ‘Self-Images’ and see which one beckons to you. They make great gifts too!

The VISUAL REMEDIES – A picture says a thousand words! In fact they bypass the logical brain and head straight for the subconscious, helping us to recognise deeply held beliefs and perceptions. These 71 unique images each have a different focus and are created to help you gain a new perspective on the issue you want to deal with. They cover personal and spiritual development, relationships, the Ray influences and finally, a set of 6 cards entitled ‘Towards Group Consciousness’.

LEARN TO DOWSE. Using my project book ‘Dowsing, a Tool for Life’ discover how to access the inside information quite literally at your fingertips. Find your own inner tuition, and learn the language by which consciousness is able to communicate with you, and you with it! This is available as a self-help book or as a course with personal supervision.

PERSONAL SERVICES. Programmes for health and well-being, for specific change – job, moving house, relationship issues, adjusting to the massive global changes that are underway and playing your part in creating a better world. All these services are individually tailored to your unique point of development.

Tools, information and services for greater health & well-being, empowerment and fulfilment